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The Housing Market is About to Go CRAZY

Are home prices in the US set to DECREASE in 2022 due to rising mortgage interest rates and housing inventory? Or, will inventory stay at historically low levels which will push prices higher despite affordability issues? In today’s housing market update and housing market forecast, I’m going to take a deep dive into my housing market predictions for home prices over the next several months and in 2022 (housing market predictions 2022).

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My Bold Housing Market Predictions for 2022:

Compilation of Housing Market Forecast videos:

To give you a quick mortgage interest rates update, according to the Mortgage News Daily the average 30yr fixed rate mortgage is 3.17% for the current mortgage rates (at the time of filming this video). This is mixed news if you’re a homebuyer right now or if you’re a homeowner looking to refinance.

Comment below: what’s your housing market forecast? Do you think a housing crash will happen or are your housing market predictions that the real estate market and home prices will continue to surge?

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Jason Walter : Compilation of Housing Market Forecast videos

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streetmoney21 : As a home owner in Irvine I have no incentive to sell my house. A 30 yr fix mortgage less than 3 percent and a super low payment. Tons of equity because I bought before the madness started. Sellers in my area are out right greedy and unreasonable. In some cases sellers are trying to flip their property for 500k more than what they paid just 20 months ago. You can see the history of the houses on Zillow. You would have to be a serious fool to buy a property at these nosebleed prices knowing that mortgage rates have no where to go but up. Rising rates will kill home equity and the wealth effect created by the fed. The not so smart people will continue to bid up prices until their money goes up in flames
Sherry Hays : Great information Jason!
We own a homebuilding company in GREENVILLE South Carolina and I am a Realtor.
We definitely have a lot of people moving here from out of state and have low inventory still.
The information you share is very accurate for sure.
Expecting more and more buyers to come this way, driving our market crazy as well.
Keith morgan : Demand for housing will keep outpacing supply as long as we are working our way through inflation. That means the new money supply is already much higher and prices (of everything) will go up until prices reach a point of equilibrium to money supply. You have to know that money can be increased faster then building new homes. So supply of homes will keep right on being low. Government has not only produced a massive amount of money. They also have voted to spend a lot more that right now is being spent. We're nowhere near the end of this inflationary cycle .

Fed will at some point increase interest and reserves of bank deposits. But they haven't yet. Even when they do it will slow inflation but not stop it. We can't stop it now, no choice. We have to go through it. It's a bell curve and slower = longer time period of inflation. But that will not help people . Many will be pushed out of the market there by reducing demand. Never the less prices will keep rising. In the 70s and early 80s prices kept going up even with interest getting as high as 18%. Still people buy because homes going up 40% a year is ok to pay that much. And they did keep right on buying, just slower. Those without assets get poorer as it goes. And that is why I tell young people NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY A HOME. Before you can't. Not everyone will be ok through this. It's going to be very ugly as we go through this inflation because it's massive.
Phantasm 320 : I bought when majority of people were saying (and still saying) they are 'waiting for the crash' and I have gained 25% appreciation. Glad I didn't 'wait for the crash'

Housing market: ‘There’s no seasonality anymore’ as hot demand continues, Century 21 CEO says

#Housing #Market #Century21
Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman and Brian Sozzi spoke with Mike Miedler, Century 21 CEO, to discuss how constrained homebuilding, work-from-home trends, competitive bidding wars, and demographic shifts are fueling the housing market.

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sodbuster : Housing to the moon.
The Generational Wealth Guy : I'm finding more and more that the old-school American dream of buying a house and living somewhere nice is actually achievable earlier on by simply working remotely and living in another country. We're being priced out of the market and unless you make at least $90k a year (which used to be $75k) you can't afford it anymore without sacrificing 2-4 things if you really value that house more. Considering that we're a consumer economy, that ain't happening.
Krisztián Kőrösi : At this point which one is crazier investment: housing or crypto?
AJOYS : Material prices are going up, labor hard to find, new builds will suffer which further hurts supply.

Prices are going up for 2022.
Allen RODGERS : Governments and local states officials/ housing companies should be charged with a crime for the housing prices. Homes should never cost this much it should never be so hard for someone to own a home everyone everywhere should have there own home but will never happen cause people only care about money

The Mortgage Crisis is HERE. Coming to YOUR Housing Market in Early 2022.

America's Housing Market is entering another Mortgage Crisis in 2022. Particularly in cities where Down Payments and Mortgage Payments have spiked to levels even higher than the 2007 Housing Bubble.

A mortgage crisis occurs when home buyers cannot fundamentally afford the 1) Down Payments and 2) Ongoing Mortgage Payments for the loans they're using to buy homes. America had a big mortgage crisis in the mid-2000s Housing Bubble which eventually led to the largest Housing Crash of all-time.

Such a situation is beginning to occur in certain cities throughout America's Housing Market, namely:

Los Angeles, CA: 37% growth in the down payment over the last 15 years is fairly high considering how big of a bubble LA's Real Estate Market was in the last Bubble. But fortunately mortgage payments are still relatively reasonable.

Austin, TX: with 152% growth in the typical down payment over the last 15 years, to ago along with a 76% increase in the mortgage payment, Austin's Real Estate Market is in arguably the largest Housing Bubble in America.

Dallas, TX: lots of cities in Texas on this list. Dallas has experienced a 112% increase in down payments from 2007 to 20201, while the mortgage payment has gone up 49%. Dallas also still builds a ton of new homes and apartments.

Boise, ID: 132% down payment growth to go along with 62% increase in mortgage payments. Boise, right next to Austin, is in the largest Housing Bubble in America. And prices have already started to trend down the last several months.

Salt Lake City, UT: 114% increase in down payments along with a 50% increase in mortgage payments since the last Bubble. What's even more concerning is that Salt Lake also got hit hard in the last crash. Meaning it could get hit even harder in the next crash, starting in 2022.

But not all cities are like this. Some markets are actually cheaper today in inflation-adjusted terms than they were back in 2007. Baltimore, Washington DC, and Chicago are markets that have become cheaper, especially in relation to mortgage payments and local wages. These cities are less of a likelihood of a crash.

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0:00 Another Mortgage CRISIS Brewing
1:42 Los Angeles, CA
3:57 Austin, TX
5:10 Defaults \u0026 Foreclosures in 2022?
6:44 Austin v Los Angeles v Baltimore
8:49 Avoid THESE Types of Cities
9:57 Minneapolis, MN
11:13 San Francisco, CA
12:11 Cape Coral, FL
13:27 Boise, ID
15:03 Top 300 Housing Markets
16:50 Greenville, SC
17:58 Las Vegas, NV
19:07 Jacksonville, FL
19:56 Sacramento, CA
20:50 Dallas, TX
22:23 Houston, TX / San Antonio, TX
22:59 MORE EXPENSIVE than 2007? Watch Out!
24:30 San Diego, CA
25:33 Miami, FL
26:40 Indianapolis, IN
27:44 Columbus, OH / Midwest Map
28:51 Southeast: Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina
29:51 Atlanta, GA
30:43 Richmond, VA
31:36 Wilmington, NC
32:28 Columbia, SC
33:20 Nashville, TN / Charlotte, NC
33:56 3M Job Losses / 800k Deaths = Not Good for Demand
35:38 Phoenix, AZ
37:13 Bellingham, WA
38:01 Portland, OR
39:44 Salt Lake City, UT
40:25 "This Time is Different"...or is it?
42:46 Concluding Thoughts. HIT THE LIKE BUTTON!

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Terry Lutke : Often ignored is the upward trend of property tax on housing. Spikes in local home prices (values?), automatically increases property taxes across a millage district. Property tax increases are often severely regressive for long term residents, especially for retirees and those with fixed incomes.
Melissa Hedges : As someone who lives in Austin, I swear people are living here by the skin of their teeth. If there is a massive tech layoff in the coming years, we're REALLY in big trouble. It just boggles my mind that so many people are buying at these prices and also so many are refinancing their homes to update their current home at these elevated prices. I'm seeing this all over in my 'hood. Plus our taxes are going to be even MORE ridiculous in the coming years with these high sale prices. I'm just happy I bought ours in 2005 and paid it off this year.
Boon Doggle : It’s clear that the spike in housing prices are the result of hype and speculation and not supply and demand. The only possible way that it could be explained by supply and demand is if we had a bunch of new household formations during the pandemic, which would be peculiar given the number of job losses during the pandemic. If people are moving during the pandemic that’s not a net increase in the number of households. It just doesn’t add up. Unless they mean investor demand I just don’t buy it. We have fewer people so there should be lower demand, again unless a bunch of people were sitting on the sidelines and decided to form new households during the pandemic. I think that the housing prices are mostly driven by hype and speculation and by people taking advantage of the situation. Whether the prices abate much in 2022 I’m not sure, but I don’t buy that what we’re seeing is driven by fundamentals.
ToEachItsOwn : Hey Nick, I recently heard an investor in an interview mention that although lending standards for home loans is much safer than 05/06, the REFINANCING has not been so. My lender told me that refinances have been most of the business by FAR. The investor says variable rates are being taken out on these refinances. I am also very sure, refinances are supplying a lot of the "cash" being used to compete for homes. Can you look into this? If this is true, than theres no argument that this thing is going to explode. It also makes clear the connection of today vs 2008
Deanerball : Did you correct for the average 30-year mortgage interest rates in 2007 (around 5-7%) and the average today (2-4%)?
This can throw the mortgage payment comparison between then and now way off.




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